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Moroccan Style Meatballs in Tagine Sauce

Moroccan Style Meatballs in Tagine SauceFor this recipe you can either prepare your own meatballs or purchase ready made from your local supermarket; we like to make them in advance and then freeze them

Finely chop some onions and sauté them in a little oil for 6-8minutes and then set aside to cool.  In the meantime, mix together some lean mince (lamb or beef) with some cumin, paprika and a dash of Tabasco.

Add the now cooled onion to the lean mince and mix well, shaping in to small balls of around 4cm in diameter (at this stage they can be frozen for ease of use at a later date).

Heat a little oil in a pan and fry your meatballs (either fresh or thoroughly defrosted if made earlier) until golden brown and then pour over 1 pouch of Freedom Fresh Moroccan Tagine sauce.

Simmer for 5mins until piping hot and serve with couscous.

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