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Free From – Whats In It

  • Travelling the world and working within the food industry for over 20 years from Thailand to Brazil, South Africa to Japan, we decided to bring some of these authentic flavours to you in a simple to prepare, luxurious and fresh tasting way; Freedom Fresh Cooking Sauces.
  • Tasting like they have been freshly prepared on the day you eat them by a professional chef; they come in 330g portions that will serve 2-3 people.
  • All of our sauces are 100% completely nut and dairy free to offer freedom of choice to our consumers.
  • In order to obtain the luxurious creamy flavours found in them we use Coconut milk and Coconut cream.
  • Whilst the fat content in our sauces is relatively high, it is made up almost entirely of the fat found in the Coconut milk and cream; the fat in these sauces is considered to be good fat, made up of short chain and medium chain fatty acids that the body quickly turns in to energy instead of storing as fat.
  • Due to the nature of the products we make, there may be traces of wheat flour, soya, celery and mustard in all of our sauces.
  • For individual allergen information, please refer to the ingredients listing on the back of each sauce.